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10 IELTS Speaking Test Topics You Should Prepare for IELTS 2024

Get ready for your IELTS 2024 exam by preparing these top 10 speaking test topics - from family to technology, travel to education, and health to the environment.
In this, we’ll learn about all the possible topics that have a potential possibility to come in this year’s IELTS Speaking Test.
Describe your hometown - Note key facts like location, size, climate, and attractions. Add a personal touch on facilities, changes, and memories.
Talk about your family - Mention family members, jobs, and personalities. Add your role, bonding time, and impact on your life. Give real examples.
Discuss studies/work - Explain your field of study/work, reasons for choosing it, and experiences so far. Mention challenges and achievements.
Describe a recent trip - Choose a memorable trip. Give key facts like where, when, how long, and who with whom. Share highlights and impressions.
Discuss health/fitness - Talk about your lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits. Share tips to stay healthy. Give examples of local facilities.
Talk about an important event - Pick a special event like a festival, concert, wedding, etc. Describe what it was, when and where it happened, who attended, why it was memorable.
Discuss technology use - Share how you use tech devices and apps in daily life. Give examples like phones, laptops, social media, etc. Note benefits and any concerns.
Describe a book/movie - Pick a favorite book or movie. Introduce the plot and characters briefly. Share what you liked about it and why you would recommend it.
Talk about environmental issues - Discuss key issues like pollution, waste, and climate change. Share local examples. Suggest ways individuals can help address these problems.
Discuss education/ambitions - Talk about your educational journey so far. Share future ambitions and plans. Explain how education relates to your goals and why it's important.
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