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3 Matching Headings Mistakes & Tips: IELTS Reading

Here are top 3 common mistakes to AVOID and tricks to tackle them for a higher band in IELTS matching headings!

Many worry if they get an IELTS reading matching heading question! But, we aren’t letting you be one of them! 

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Mistake 1: Synonym Oversight🔍

Neglecting to recognize synonyms or paraphrased terms in headings and passages.

How to Tackle it?🤔

Develop a keen awareness of synonyms by learning diverse vocabulary and practising with a range of materials.

Mistake 2: Broader/Narrow View🕵️‍♀️

Choosing headings that are too broad or too narrow, does not accurately reflect the para’s main idea.

How to Tackle it?🤔

Consider the depth of each heading, ensuring it accurately captures the scope of the particular paragraph.

Mistake 3: Inconsistent Themes🧐

Selecting a heading that does not align with the overall theme or argument of the para.

Curious to know HOW to tackle this important tip? 

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