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4 Strategies to Tackle Unfamiliar Words in IELTS Reading

Worried about seeing unfamiliar words and getting confused during IELTS Reading? Don’t panic! We’re here for your rescue!

Getting anxious when reading an unfamiliar word is a common thing in IELTS Reading!
No, you’re NOT alone!🫱🏼‍🫲🏽

Let’s now learn a few tricks on how to tackle them!

Contextual Clues!📝

Utilize the surrounding words and sentences.

Extract meaning from the context to decipher unfamiliar vocabulary.

Paraphrasing & Recognizing Synonyms!📚

Spot paraphrased expressions within the text.

Understand that different words may convey the same concept.

Prioritizing Overall Understanding!📝

Emphasize comprehension of the passage's overall meaning.

Avoid getting stuck on individual unfamiliar words.

Educated Guessing!🧐

Apply logical reasoning to make educated guesses.

Utilize background knowledge to infer meanings confidently.

Want to know a secret PRO tip to tackle unfamiliar words?💥

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