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4 Tricks to Crack Matching Features: IELTS Reading

Fun fact: IELTS Reading matching feature questions are one of the easiest to solve. Yes! Let’s master it now!

Did You Know?😨

The Matching Features in the IELTS Reading tests your ability to identify the main information of the paragraphs! 

So hop on! 

Let’s learn some expert tips to crack it easily!🥳

Know the Question Type!🕵️‍♀️

Understand if the task involves matching options to the specific paragraphs and act accordingly!

Scan and Skim!📖

Quickly read the passage for an overview, focusing on headings and keywords.

Scan for synonyms or paraphrased terms from the options.

Identify Key Info!🕵️‍♀️

Locate information in the passage related to the given options.

Watch out for distractors that sound similar but are incorrect.

We’ve got 1 BONUS TIP just for you!🤩

Eliminate Incorrect Options!✍🏻

Remove options without clear matches to streamline your choices.

If unsure, eliminate possibilities to increase the likelihood of accurate selections.

And hey, Guess what?🤩

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