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7 Ways to say 'You're Welcome'

Do you have nothing to say when someone thanks you? Check out this story saying ways to say, "You're welcome"!
Saying "You're welcome" repeatedly can become boring for most of us.

So, let us learn some different ways to express our gratitude and impress others!
1. My pleasure
It is one of the office-friendly phrases that show you are happy to help the person.
2. Happy to help!
It is almost similar to "My Pleasure", except you can use it in more informal settings or with colleagues you are amicable with.
3. Let me know anytime I can help!
If you want to tell the other person that you are ready to help him/her in the future, you should definitely use this.
4. Anytime!
This is another friendly phrase which you can use with people very close to you.
5. No problem / No worries

It is a simple way to acknowledge the thanks and also imply that thanking the person was no big deal.
6. Don’t worry about it.
You can use it to tell the other person that you like assisting them even if you are busy.
7. I’m sure you’d do the same for me.
It is another formal phrase and implies that you recognise that the other person would do the same if he/she was in your position.
Use these alternative phrases and charm your acquaintances!

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