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Academic vs General IELTS - Which is Easier?

Compare the IELTS Academic and General exams section-by-section to see which test is easier overall. We look at the format, topics, and tasks.
Wondering which IELTS exam is easier - Academic or General? Let's compare the two tests section-by-section to find out!
Similar in both exams, tests ability to understand conversations, lectures, etc. General may have slightly simpler topics.!
Academic has more complex academic texts.

General has simpler passages on everyday topics which is seen as slightly easier.
Academic has more complex essay tasks focused on analytical thinking.

General writing tasks are simpler and more general.
Both test the ability to communicate in English. Topics are generally easier in General. More accessible vocabulary is used.
Overall - General IELTS covers basic English skills for everyday contexts. Academic evaluates higher level skills for study/work.
Verdict: General IELTS is slightly easier due to simpler topics and tasks. But both require strong English skills - pick the right test!.