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Are Cohesive Devices Important in IELTS Writing?

Crafting your essays coherently is the key to achieving Band 8 in your IELTS Writing. It can seem difficult! But, we’ve got you in this!
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What Actually Are Cohesive Devices?

Cohesive devices are all the words and phrases used in IELTS writing to connect sentences and ideas together. 

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Linking Words

Utilize linking words to establish connections between ideas.

Example: "However," "In addition," "On the contrary."

Transition Phrases

Employ transitional phrases for smooth flow.

Example: "Moving on to," "Conversely," "As a result."

Reference Words

Incorporate reference words to tie back to previous points.

Example: "This illustrates," "These findings suggest."

Coherence Within Paragraphs

Ensure coherence within paragraphs by using cohesive devices.

Example: Use pronouns to refer back to the main idea.

Logical Sequencing

Arrange ideas logically, enhancing the overall structure.

Example: Start with general statements, progressing to specifics.

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