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How to Regain Confidence in Achieving Your Desired IELTS Band?

Missed your desired IELTS score and need a boost to regain your confidence? We’ve got your back!

No. You Aren’t Alone!😎

Trying to bounce back after missing out on your desired IELTS band is the key! 

Now let's read some expert tips for your next preparation.
Hop On! 

1. Relax & Recharge🍹

Do NOT rush into booking
your next test!

Take some time to get in the right mindset & involve yourself more with English.

2. Activities to Include in Your Routine: 

- Talking with friends in English

- Listening to podcasts

- Watch TV series

- Try reading books

3. Understand Areas Of Improvement📚

Whether it's your 1st time, or you've tried multiple times without success in the exam, there are ways to find your areas of improvement! 

Find the trick in the next slide!💥

🤔Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:
1. Which part of the test did I score lowest on?
2. Which part was the hardest for me
3. Where did I spend the most time preparing?

These are super important to help you figure out your improvement areas!🔍

Last but NOT the least!🤩
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Practice with the PERFECT assistance this time! Last but NOT the least!🤩