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Basic Grammar for IELTS: Conditionals

Struggling with learning about basic grammar for IELTS? You’ve landed on the perfect place. Let’s start with conditionals here!

Conditionals are structures used to express hypothetical situations and their potential outcomes in English grammar, and are highly essential for IELTS!💯

Types of Conditionals: 

The four main types of conditionals are:

- Zero

- First, 

- Second,

- Third,

Each is used to convey different degrees of possibility!

Zero Conditional

They are used for general truths and facts, with the structure "if + present simple, present simple.

First Conditional

Used for likely or possible future events, with the structure "if + present simple, will + base verb.

Second Conditional

Used for hypothetical or unlikely situations in the present or future, with the structure "if + past simple, would + base verb."

Third Conditional

Used for unreal situations in the past, with the structure "if + past perfect, would have + past participle."

How to Practice the Conditionals for IELTS?🤔

Constantly practice conditionals through exercises, speaking tasks, and writing prompts to be IELTS-ready!

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