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Boost Your IELTS Listening Vocabulary for a Band 9 - Part 2

Confused on holding a proficient set of vocabulary ranges for the IELTS Listening test? Check our PART 1 & get here!

Since it’s essential to have a good range of vocabulary to ace the IELTS Listening test, we’re here for you with a PART 2 list of the most commonly used words specific to each section! 

Let’s go!🥳 

Part 3 - A  Conversation Between People🗣️

This part of the IELTS Listening will be set in an educational or training context!

Learning academic-related words related to learning, study, and assessment is your

Part 3 - A  Conversation Between People🗣️

The Words include:

School terms (Presentation, Project, Teamwork, Pairs, Organisation)

Subjects in University (Commerce, Science, Psychology, Engineering, Marketing, Sociology)

Examination terms (Assessment, test, revision, pass, fail, supervise)

Let’s move on to the final Part 4🤩!

Part 4 - A University Lecture📝

This part is also based on academics, so there could be a range of different topics spoken about!

Now let’s look at this list of vocabulary we’ve made just for you in the NEXT slide!🥳

Part 4 - A University Lecture📝

The Words include:

Health (Vegetarian, Vegan, Healthy, Unhealthy, Leisure, Disease, Vitamin)

Animals & habitats (Mammals, Reptiles, Predators, Prey)

Environment (Global Warming, Disaster, Earthquake, Pollution)

Hey! We’ve got ONE more teeny-tiny information just for you!🥳

It is Nothing But, Learning Even More Vocabulary to Smash Your IELTS Listening! 

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