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Can the IELTS Exam be Rescheduled? - The Conditions

Want to reschedule your IELTS exam but need clarification about the conditions? Read ahead!

IELTS rescheduling can be done but with 3 conditions! 

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Deadline: Candidates must request a rescheduling before the registration deadline for their original test date.

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You can reschedule your IELTS test only if the test date is at least 15 days from the date on which you are applying for transfer!

Availability: Rescheduling is subject to the availability of test dates at the chosen test centre.

Fee: There might be a fee associated with rescheduling, depending on the policies of the test centre.

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The rescheduling fee for your IELTS test will be 3,300 INR.

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For 34 days and above, you can reschedule your IELTS test without stating any reason!

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