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Can You Study For IELTS With Your Best Bud?

Starting your IELTS preparation together as buddies? Then yay, this story is the perfect pick for you!

Fun Fact🔊
Did you know that studying with a friend can help you BOOST your learning?😲

Let us provide with some tips to kickstart this type of learning!🤩

Start Quizzing Each Other!📝

start with general topics, like:

- Celebrities

- Movies

- Favourite foods

And, move on to a wide range of topics! It’ll help you to easily talk about many stuff!

Pick a Movie's Written Plotline! 
Skim-read it within a set duration!⏰

Ask a question from the excerpt to see if you guys READ carefully to boost your fast-reading skill!

Have one person speak as quickly as possible in English!🗣️

See if the other person can understand everything to keep your listening skills on track!

But hey! Wait!😨

So, why don’t y'all 1st get some expert tips before you start your IELTS preparations?🤩

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