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Check & Shine: Your Quick IELTS Writing Checklist

Do you feel that your IELTS Writing Task 2 essays are missing a few essential elements which are reflected in the score? Here is a checklist to fill in that gap!
During the IELTS exam, in a hurry to complete the answer within that limited time, we miss out on details that are very small but have a significant effect on our IELTS Writing score.
Therefore, we have created an ultimate checklist for IELTS essays to make your answers success-ready 😎!
This list mostly includes grammatical errors, structural issues, punctuation and spelling errors, etc.
  • Did you answer the questions given in the topic directly?
  • Does the answer have a proper structure: Introduction-Body Paragraphs-Conclusion?
  • Do the paragraphs have clearly defined ideas?
  • Have you included a variety of sentence structure in your answer?

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Let’s check out some more🤩!
  • Are transition words used correctly?
  • Does the answer have a logical flow?
  • Did you support your ideas with relevant examples?
  • Finally, check the word count.
Other than this, do not forget to revise your answer and rectify your spelling, grammar and punctuation errors like a missing comma or misplaced semicolon 🤟!
Now that you have this efficient checklist, integrate it into your preparation.

This way, you can mentally tick off these boxes during the actual exam😇!
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