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Would you like to discover more about the word "commemorate"? If so, take a look at this story.
The word of the day for today is 'Commemorate'.
The word 'Commemorate' is a verb and can be pronounced as 'kuh-meh-muh-rayt' (/kəˈmeməreɪt/).
The meaning of the word is 'to do something to show that you remember and respect someone important or an important event in the past'.
Some synonyms of the word are: 'Memorialize', 'Remember' and 'Celebrate'.

The collocation of the word is: With noun: Anniversary, Day, Death, Event, Plaque, Victory

Examples: 1. The idea of making a special flower picture to commemorate a particular wedding anniversary works very well. 2. It was a scream which one day they will commemorate with a plaque, and people will walk past it and remember.

Exercise: Figure out the antonyms of 'commemorate':

 1. F _ R _ _ T
 2. D _ _ H _ N _ U _
 3. _ _ E R _ O _ K

 1. F O R G E T
 2. D I S H O N O U R
 3. O V E R L O O K 
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