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Commonly used Prefixes in English

This story will enlighten you with examples of some of the most commonly used prefixes in English. So, check out!
Prefixes are letters or groups of letters added to the beginning of a word to make a new word. E.g. - 'ex-', 'a-', 'omni-'.
Let's begin with the list of most popular prefixes.
1. a- / anti-: not, opposite; e.g.- atheist, antibody

 2. after-: following something; e.g. - afterbirth, afterlife

 3. auto-: by oneself; e.g. - automatic, autocrat
4. bi-: two; e.g., binary, bilingual

5. back-: behind; e.g.- background

 6. co-, com-, cor-: together; e.g. - copilot, correlate, comrade
7. dis-: negative; e.g.- disapprove, dissociate

 8. down-: from higher to lower; e.g. - downpour

 9. ex-: past; e.g. - ex-wife

 10. fore-: before; e.g. - forefront
11. homo-: same; e.g. - homogeneous

12. hyper-: more; e.g. - hyperactive

 13. inter-: between; e.g. - interstate

 14. mid-: middle; e.g. - midlife
15. micro-/mini-: micro-organisms, minivan

 16. non-: not; non-violence

 17. over-: excess; overpower
18. poly-: many; polygon

 19. post-: after; postpone

 20. re-: again; redo, repeat
To find out how prefixes are used to create new words, check out this link.
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