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Compound Words: Definition & Types

You might have heard people asking to use more compound words. In this story, we discuss what they are and their types.
Compound words are made up of two or more words working together to form a single word (or a phrase that functions as a single word).
Most parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and even prepositions, are used to create compound words.
father (noun) + in (preposition) + law (noun)

 = father-in-law (noun)
For Example
Compound words and blended words, commonly referred to as portmanteaus, are frequently mistaken to be the same, but they are extremely different.
Each individual word in compound words stays the same. Portmanteau, only use portions of each word.
For example -
sitcom (Portmanteau)= situational + comedy
There are three types of compound words: open, closed and hyphenated.
They have spaces between the words, for example, ice cream, living room, high school, etc.
Open Compound words
They do not have spaces between the words, e.g., keyboard, everybody, makeup, etc.
Closed Compound words
They have hyphens between the words, like merry-go-round, mother-in-law, empty-handed, etc.
Compound words
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