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Discussing About Jobs in IELTS Speaking

In this story, we will discuss IELTS Speaking part 1 and part 3 topics like dream jobs, responsibilities, working hours, co-workers, and good and bad aspects of jobs.
The examiner may ask general questions about your job or work in IELTS Speaking part Be ready to talk about what your job is, what company you work for, what your responsibilities are and how many hours you work.
In part 3, the examiner can ask more detailed questions about jobs. You may need to compare different jobs and say what factors are important when choosing a career.

Discuss things like salary, hours, stress level, travel, and working with others.
For certain jobs, the examiner may ask about the training required, uniforms or dress code, types of people you interact with, or a typical day's schedule.

Give full descriptions and details in your answers.
When asked about your dream job or ideal job, think of something realistic and explain why you find that job appealing. Consider things like helping others, being creative, working outdoors, or having lots of free time.
You may also be asked if you would enjoy doing certain jobs, like being a teacher, chef, nurse, or project manager. Explain your choice based on your skills, personality and interests. Give clear reasons.
In part 3, be ready to compare jobs you've had. Contrast responsibilities, working environments, interactions with people, and job satisfaction. Conclude by stating which job you prefer and why.
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