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Easy ways to increase word count

Has a fear of not meeting the minimum word count requirement robbing your sleep? This story will provide a solution!
In IELTS Writing, the minimum word limit for the tasks is 250 words and fewer words might affect your score negatively.
Let's discuss some tips you can incorporate while taking the exam to increase the word count without including unwanted data.
Go through as many previous writing tasks as possible.
It will not only give you an idea of how to write but also how to develop ideas.
Include relevant data based on the topic.
You can include examples and statistics to support your ideas. It will strengthen your views & increase your word limit.
Adding alternate viewpoints
It can help you write more words and demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the subject.
Construct elaborate sentences
You can create elaborate sentences that support your topic sentence without being redundant.
In order to do that, include facts, quotations, instances, or stories that support your viewpoints.
Emphasise on quotes
We typically paraphrase quotes in an effort to keep our argument brief.
However, you can emphasis on quotes to further highlight a point if you need to write more words.
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