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Ending a Sentence with Preposition: Is it wrong or correct?

Do you want to know whether it is wrong to end a sentence with a preposition? Check out this story for the answer.
To answer the question, in some cases, it is not only correct to end with a preposition, but it also is the best option.
So, let us learn about the situations where we can end with a preposition without raising any brows!
Using prepositions at the end of sentences in formal conversation is considered inappropriate.
But, while talking to a friend, you can easily say, "Whom are you talking to?", which is more casual.
A phrasal verb with a preposition at the end is acceptable, like 'My sister likes to dress up'. 
However, be cautious, as some phrasal verbs also need an object.
While writing, sometimes, you need to follow ways where standard rules don’t apply.
So, if you think a sentence sounds better with a preposition at the end, you can write it that way.
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