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Fish Out of Water: IELTS Meaning, History and Examples

Explore the intriguing usage of the "Fish Out of Water" idiom in IELTS. Uncover its roots, understand its meaning, and see real-life examples!

Solving the Mystery!

"Fish Out of Water" refers to someone who feels uncomfortable or out of place in a particular situation.

Historical Roots! 

The idiom dates back to the 19th century, and its use has evolved to convey the sense of being
in an unsuitable environment, akin to a fish struggling outside its habitat!

Example Sentences
1. Despite her efforts, she felt like a fish out of water at the high-energy concert.
2. In the crowded metropolis, the country boy often felt like a fish out of water.

In IELTS Speaking

In IELTS speaking, you can effectively use the idiom "Fish Out of Water" to express discomfort or unfamiliarity in various situations.

How Will You Be Asked?

Examiner: “Have you ever experienced a challenging situation? Describe it.

How Will You Answer?

Candidate: “Yes, I recall a time when I had to attend a formal business dinner. Being a student, surrounded by professionals, I felt like a fish out of water since the formalities and discussions were unfamiliar to me!”

Take Away!

Parting words! Understanding this idiom empowers you and you can use it whenever you feel uncomfortable in a situation! 

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