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We shall pick up a new term from this story: fleeting.
The word 'Fleeting' is an adjective and can be pronounced as 'fleet- uhng' (/fliːtɪŋ/).
The meaning of the word is 'lasting for only a short time'.
Some synonyms of the word are: 'Short', 'Brief' and 'Momentary'.
The collocation of the word is: With noun: fleeting glimpse/ moment/ visit
Example: For IELTS Speaking:
 1. Rory had only seen fleeting glimpses of it, but enough to know it was there.

 2. It was a fleeting visit, but in the best traditions of a charming Prince, he bowled them over.
For IELTS Writing: A specific point of view of a space, in a fleeting moment of time, could be held in utter stillness.
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