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Grammar Exercises for IELTS: Adverbs

Ready to improve your IELTS grammar skills? Join this fun session for exercises and tips on properly using adverbs.
Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They often end in -ly and tell how, when, where, how much, or how often an action happens.
Identify Adverbs
Underline the adverbs in this sentence:

"She quickly and quietly closed the door before tiptoeing silently downstairs."
 How many did you find?
  1. Quietly
  2. Quickly
  3. Silently
Great job! Now let's work on properly placing adverbs in a sentence.
Placing Adverbs
Where is the best place to put the adverb "loudly" in this sentence?

"The baby cried when the dog barked."
"The baby cried loudly when the dog barked."
You're doing great!
Adverb collocation
Adverbs commonly used with "laugh" are "loudly," "heartily," and "uncontrollably."

Try making a sentence using one of those collocations.

Did you do it? Wonderful work!

Practicing adverbs will really help improve your grammar for IELTS. For more such exercises, join one of our sessions!