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Grammar for IELTS Material : A, An, The (Part 1)

This story is a recapitulation on articles. Check it out for a quick revision before exam.
The three articles in English are grouped into two types - Indefinite (a,an) & Definite (the).
The words ""A"" and ""An"" are indefinite articles since they typically do not identify a specific person or object. E.g.: A dog is shouting on the road.
The article ""the"" is referred to as the definite article since it refers to a particular object. E.g. - The tree where the birds build their nests was cut.
They are mostly used before: - nouns (the book/a book) - adjective + noun combinations (a large building/ the large building).
While 'a' is used in front of words beginning with a consonant sound, 'an' is used before words starting with vowel sounds.
Use a, an (or another word such as my or this) with singular countable nouns.
When referencing specific nouns in either the singular or plural, use 'the'.
You should not use ‘one’ interchangeably to mean ‘a’.
Grammatical mistakes can significantly lower your score because they are unpleasant to the examiners.
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