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Let us learn a new word - hoard - in this story
Today, the word of the day is 'Hoard'.
The word 'Hoard' is a noun and can be pronounced as 'hawd' (/hɔːrd/).
The meaning of the word is 'a collection of things that someone hides somewhere, especially so they can use them later'.
Some synonyms of the word are: 'Cache', 'Backlog' and 'Trove'.
The collocation of the word is 'hoard of something'.
Example: For IELTS Speaking:
 1. But since people sometimes tied money into the knot of a large scarf, it also means a hoard of money.
 2. We found a hoard of lost treasures.
For IELTS Writing: The distribution of hoards might also be expected to reflect patterns of warfare and of wealth.
Exercise: Choose the correct preposition with 'hoard'.
 1. Hoards .... (of/in) gold coins were found across the nation.

 2. Books were burnt ..... (of/in) hoards during WW2.
Answers: 1. of 2. in
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