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How Can You Improve Your Spelling For IELTS?

Did you know that writing wrong spellings can affect your overall IELTS band? Let’s find THE best way to tackle this!

Presenting the answers with the correct spelling is as important as using unique vocabulary. 

So, how can you improve your spelling? Let us learn the trick!🤩

1. A Spelling Document📝

Create and save a spelling document on your device.
This is to track the words you’ve come across since the start of your spelling-learning journey!

2. The Spell-Check Feature🧐

While practising on a computer, turn off the spell-check feature when writing the essays.
Turn on spell-check at the end of writing essays to reveal mistakes!

3. Fix Mistakes✅

Find out what the mistake was and why you made it! 

Try to correct the spelling and verify the accuracy using external references!

Last but NOT least, Next slide is for

Bonus Tip💯

Review the Document🕵🏻‍♀️

Identify common mistakes such as misspellings or wrong tenses to avoid repeating them during your IELTS exam. 

Let us share a secret, continue

Tracking your progress with a proper IELTS expert boosts motivation! 

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