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How Does IELTS Support People With Visual Difficulties?

Having visual issues isn’t going to stop you from taking the IELTS! Read ahead!

Whether you are vision-impaired or have low vision, 

you can take the IELTS test under special requirements, and IELTS test centres can help you!💯

A range of support is given including, 

braille paper, 
modified larger paper, 
enlarged written prompts on the Speaking task card, etc.

How should I apply for my IELTS test if I have a visual impairment?

We at IELTSMaterial.com help you book the IELTS test and the test centre may take up to 6 weeks to make special arrangements for you!

Can I Request For Extra Time?

Of course!

If you need visual requirements, you can ask for an extra 25% of the standard time to complete the test.

What kind of Braille question papers are available?

You can ask for the following formats:

Contracted (Grade 2) Braille
Uncontracted (Grade 1) Braille
Unified English Braille

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