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How to Master the Trick of Elimination in MCQs?

Did you know that the elimination method is THE best to help you tackle those difficult MCQs of the IELTS reading test? Hop on! Let’s learn the tricks!
Remember, time management is a crucial part of IELTS Reading, so practice these elimination techniques to crack MCQs in no time!💥

Scan the Passage

Skim through headings, subheadings, and the 1st and last sentences of paragraphs to locate relevant information.
Look out for keywords first!

Consider Context

Then, sometimes, even if a specific word isn't mentioned in the text,
you can predict the answer based on the overall meaning or the context of the information provided!

Use Process of Elimination!

Finally, If you're unsure about an answer, use this trick. 

Cross out incorrect options! 

This narrows your choices and gives you a chance to pick the correct one!  

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To crack IELTS reading in No time, 

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