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How to Summarize Essays in Writing Task 2?

Struggling to efficiently summarize essays in IELTS Writing Task 2? Follow these 6 tips to write a concise yet comprehensive summary.
We’ve covered all the necessary pointers that’ll help you write a properly summarized version of your essays.

So let's begin!
First, read the prompt and underline key points. This helps identify the main ideas to include in your summary. Focus on summarizing the overall argument.
Focus Area
Next, reread the essay and highlight supporting points. Choose 1-2 most relevant ones to summarize in 1-2 sentences. Don't go into too much detail.
When summarizing, use linking words like "Firstly," and "Moreover," to show logical connections. Paraphrase ideas in your own words. Don't copy word-for-word.
Use Linking Words
Also, be concise. Stick to core ideas and main supporting points. Avoid getting bogged down in minor details. Summarize briefly but accurately.
Be Concise
Finally, relate the summary to the essay prompt. Show how it supports your position. An effective summary demonstrates comprehension and strengthens your response.
Create a Connection

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Learn how to summarize information even better with the help of proper guidance.