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How to Write Compelling Arguments in IELTS Writing Task 2?

Learn the art of crafting compelling arguments for Writing Task 2 essays in IELTS through this story in a few clicks.
What is a Compelling argument?
A compelling argument is a convincing set of reasons, evidence, or statements presented to support a particular point of view or proposition.
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"Technology enhances student engagement in classrooms through interactive learning platforms, as evidenced by a study conducted by Stanford University showing a 30% increase in student participation."
This example takes a clear stance (supporting technology in education) backed by evidence (Stanford University study).
But the question still remains - how to create such compelling arguments to provide a clear and well-supported position and capture the examiner’s attention?
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Craft a concise thesis statement
A clear thesis statement sets the tone and guides your argument, keeping your essay on track.
Support your views with examples
You have to add authenticity and persuasiveness to your writing by supporting your statement with personal anecdotes or evidence, just like the Stanford University study.
Address potential counterarguments in brief
This step demonstrates your awareness of the cons and strengthens your position.
Add a logical flow
Present your ideas in a logical sequence and cut down the excess.
Remember, a well-structured essay is easier to follow and more persuasive.
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