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IELTS Fees Update 2024: Has it increased or decreased?

Are you aware that there has been an update in the IELTS fees from January 2024? Let’s find out more!
Yes, you have heard it right!
But has it

increased or

From January, 2024,

the fees for the IELTS

exam will change.
Well, it is meant to
 increase 📈!
Check out the figures in the

upcoming slides.
However, from 22nd January, it will cost them 17,000 INR to book the Academic or General IELTS exam.
Till 21st January, 2024, IELTS aspirants can book the exam at 16, 250 INR.
Likewise, the fees for the UKVI exam will increase from 16,500 INR to 17,250 INR.
If you are planning to book the IELTS Life Skills on or after 22nd January, 2024, be aware that it comes with a price tag of 16,050 INR, which is 15,350 INR till 21st.
Cheer up because you've got plenty of time to book that exam spot before the price hike.

Let's turn that frown upside down and save some cash 💰😄!
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