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IELTS Listening Exam Guide

This story outlines the basic structure of each section of IELTS Listening. Please go through it before your prep.
A telephone or in-person chat about a broad interest topic constitutes Section 1 of the Listening exam.
Your comprehension of particular information, such as dates, commonplace items, locations, etc., and spellings, is assessed.
A single speaker presents a lecture, speech, announcement, recorded message, or excerpt in Section 2 on a subject of wide interest.
Your capacity to identify relevant data from what you hear and your comprehension of factual information are both put to the test in this section.
In Section 3, two to four speakers engage in a conversation about various facets of academic life.
It evaluates your ability to identify key facts and ideas and your ability to identify speakers’ attitudes and opinions.
Section 4 consists of a lecture, discussion, presentation, or speech that is frequently given in front of a group of people interested in an academic subject.
It assesses your ability to comprehend and discriminate between various concepts, the speaker's point of view, and your ability to type correctly.
Each of these sections are separated into 10 questions by a break between tasks.
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