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IELTS Listening: Tricks to a Band 9 in Map Labelling

Following directions and answering the IELTS listening - Map labelling questions can be a piece of cake with us! Read ahead!

Map labelling in your IELTS listening might be a hectic one to do, most times!
We’re here for your rescue! 

Let’s read some tricks to perform better in these questions!💥 

🔍Read the instructions! 

Instructions and the title of the map or plan if there is one are the important things to do 1st!

Then, check if the numbered questions are on the map/plan or below it to have an idea beforehand!

Underline labels 

On the map underline labels and check if there’s a compass to follow the directions in the audio easily.
(e.g. It’s just south of the Adventure Playground).

Wanna learn a BONUS tip from us?

 Listen for the locations! 

Locations are given in the numbered questions as the recording will use these names not synonyms.

E.g. the recording for the map will include ‘outdoor gym’ not ‘exercise equipment’.

Let’s start practicing? Hop on! 

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