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IELTS makes a change in the exam format

Are you aware of the change that has been made in the test format of the IELTS exam? Check out this story to know more!
If you are taking IELTS this year, you must know the basic details of the exam by now.

But do you know there has been a change in its format?
It is a small

Earlier, the exam began

with Listening, followed by

Reading, Writing and

Speaking modules.
From June 25th, 2022,

this sequence has

Now, the candidate will have

to take the Writing exam first,

followed by Reading, Listening

and Speaking.
The remaining details,

 like duration, question

types, etc., remain the

So, guys, you don't need to make any major changes in your preparation journey due to this.

However, make sure to prep well and give your best!
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