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IELTS Reading: Crack True/False/Not Given in No Time!

Do you know the pro tip to ace True/false/not given questions? We’re here for you! Read ahead!

True/False/Not given is a question type that many candidates are worried about! 

We’re NOT letting you be one of them! 

Let’s learn some tricks together! 

True/False/Not Given questions demand precision!
True' means the information matches, 'False' if it contradicts. 'Not Given' if the data isn't there.
Stay alert!

📚Slow Down!

Practice with sample True/False/Not Given questions. Familiarity builds confidence. Track your progress to fine-tune your strategy.

🔄Decode Synonyms!

Sometimes, the words in the question may be paraphrased in the passage. Sharpen your synonym radar!

Let’s give you ONE more pro tip! 

Pro tip!

⚠️ Avoid Extremes!

Be cautious with extreme words like 'always' or 'never.' If the passage has a slight variation, it might be False.

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