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IELTS Reading: Diagram Completion Mistakes & Tips!

Did you know that the IELTS Reading’s Diagram Completion is 1 of the easiest ones to solve? Yes! Let’s master it now!

Many worry if they get an IELTS reading diagram completion question! But, we aren’t letting you be one of them! 

Hop On To Know The Tricks!😎

    Mistake 1: Ignoring Labels!😰
    Tip: Ensure a thorough understanding of labels in the diagram; misreading or ignoring them may result in providing incorrect information.

      Mistake 2: Relying Solely on

      Tip: Read the accompanying text for context; solely relying on the diagram might lead to missing crucial information required for accurate completion.

        Did you know that ‘ignoring signal words’ is 1 MOST commonly committed error by
        IELTS students?😱

        Okay, So What Actually is it?🤔

          Signal words, ‘guide’ you to relevant information and sometimes, also ‘Describe’ a particular label of the diagram. 

          Let’s see an Example too!🤩

            “Immediately above the basket and partly wrapped around by the skirt are the burners, attached to suspension wires.”

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