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IELTS Writing Tips

You can be a good writer, but these pointers will help you enhance your Writing skills more appropriately for the IELTS.
For many aspirants, IELTS Writing is formidable. To help you with your doubts, we have come up with some tricks you can use.
Writing can be hard, but don't lose hope.
You may not be Shakespeare, but express yourself through writing. It will help you assess your speed and find out your weaknesses.
Writing has its own rewards.
Use it for your benefit. Divide the time among various tasks, like, 2-10 minutes for planning, 25-30 minutes for writing, 5 minutes for editing the essay.
Time waits for none...
Although the topic can be from any domain, prior knowledge about previous exams and their formats can prove beneficial.
Knowledge is power.
Every essay type has a format. Organize your ideas into relevant paragraphs to create a professional essay with the appropriate structure.
With better formation come proper sections.
You have to frame complete sentences with an independent clause, verb, subjects and use suitable connectors.
Complete sentence equals complete sense.
Use new ideas and a wide range of vocabulary to make the essay gripping. For this, you need to practise daily and enrich your word power.
Repetition is boring.
As you frame your answer, do not express any negative opinions towards the topic. It is better to present a balanced, professional view.
Avoid taking sides; keep it neutral.
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