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Infinitives: Types with Examples

You might know about infinitives, but if you want to learn about its types this story is for you!
Infinitives are special forms of verbs that can be used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs when discussing actions without actually doing the activity.
Infinitives are broadly divided into two types -

Full infinitives

Bare infinitives
The most prevalent infinitives in writing are full infinitives (to-infinitives), which are created by taking a verb's basic form and adding "to" in front of it.
They are used to show purpose and to modify nouns.

For example:

1. My brother went
to buy some bread.
2. Would you like something
to eat?
A full infinitive that has an adverb or adverbial phrase between it and the basic verb is referred to as a split infinitive, e.g., to quickly complete.
Bare infinitives (zero infinitives) are less common and are formed without "to".
Instead, you use the base form of a verb within a sentence.
For Example
1. Mario can do this the whole day.

2. I don't eat after sunset.
While infinitives used in the passive voice is called passive infinitives (to be used), continuous infinitives represent continuous actions (to be waiting).
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