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Know the Difference between 'To' and 'Too' in a Fun Way

Ever gotten confused between the usage of ‘to’ and ‘too’ while practicing for your IELTS writing? If yes, then this story is for you!

Understanding these commonly confused words like ‘to’ and ‘too’ will help improve your IELTS writing skills and avoid misunderstandings!😮‍💨


"To” is a preposition used to indicate direction, movement, or the recipient of an action.

Eg: "I am going to the store."

In this, "to" indicates the direction of movement towards the store.


"Too" is an adverb used to indicate excess or addition.

Eg: "I ate too much cake."

Here, "too" indicates that the amount of cake eaten was more than necessary or desirable.

Now let’s look at an exercise to test your learning on the difference between  'To' and 'Too'💯


1. He was ____ excited ____ speak.
a) to, b) too, c) two

2. They were excited ___ hear about the trip ___ Paris.
a) to, b) too, c) two

Exercise: Answers

B) too

A) to

We hope we’ve cleared your confusion on the usage of ‘to’ and ‘too’ 

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