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Note-Taking Tips to Crack IELTS Speaking Part 2

The secret ingredient to stand out in the Cue card round is to take proper notes! Here we are to deliver a few top secrets for you to crack it!

Making Notes in the IELTS Speaking part 2 is the key to shine in the task!

Buckle up!
Let’s learn a few tricks to perform
it without hassle!

1. Don’t Write Down Your Main Topic!❌

Q: Talk about a movie star. 

Here, do you think it would be good to write down “Leonardo DiCaprio”?
No! You can use the time to write words that describe Mr. DiCaprio instead.

2. Keep it to Keywords

Keep your notes in the form of bullet points, with each one as a single word or short phrase.
These key terms should serve as a starting point for you to elaborate!

3. Write in English✍🏻

Reading notes in your native language, and translating the ideas into English will slow you down, so keep your notes in English only!

We’ve got ONE more BONUS tip for you!💥

4. The Facts vs. The Feels🗣️

Task 2 has 3 points asking for facts (what, who, where, when etc.) and a question that asks for your feelings and interpretations (why, how). 

Don’t split your ideas among all 4 points. Instead, tell a story naturally and coherently!

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