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IELTS heavily weighs vocabulary. So, to increase your word power, acquire a new word every day.
Today, the word of the day is 'Nuance'.
The word 'Nuance' is a noun and can be pronounced as 'nyoo-aans' (/ˈnuːɑːns/).
The meaning of the word is 'a very slight, hardly noticeable difference in manner, colour, meaning etc'.
Some synonyms of the word are: 'Gradation', 'Nicety' and 'Subtlety'.
The collocations: - subtle/fine nuance - verbal nuance - musical nuance
Example: For IELTS Speaking:

 1. The subtle nuances of complex stories are lost on most young children.

 2. On the DVD, it is harder to distinguish the singer's subtle vocal nuances.
For IELTS Writing: Scientists now understand the subtle nuances of its genetic machinery.
Exercise: Make 2 sentences with 'nuance'.
 1. Being the head chef, she was familiar with every nuance of each dish in the kitchen.

 2. He was constantly observing her face to find the nuances.
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