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Participle: Definition & Types with Examples

Even though English participles are common, they are tricky to understand. Let's discover more about them in this story.
A participle is a verb form that can be employed as an adjective ("a pair of running shoes")
or as a component of some tenses ("why are you running").
Participles are of two types - present participle and past participle.

Besides, they can also be used as adjectives in participle phrases.
When describing an activity that is presently occurring, the present participle is used in continuous tenses or as an adjective.
For Example
1. Rewarding tasks motivate everyone. 
2. The committee is rewarding people for their contributions.
If an activity has already been finished, the past participle can be employed as an adjective or in perfect tenses.
For Example
1. The baby accidentally burnt down the bookshelf.
2. The burnt pancakes were thrown in the dustbin.
Groups of words beginning with a participle that functions as an adjective to describe a noun are known as participial phrases.
For Instance
1. Students planning to study medicine should meet the department head.
2. The traffic moved slowly on the roads clogged with rainwater.
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