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Pointers to follow while writing a letter to an elected representative

In this story, we will discuss some quick tips for writing to an elected official.
Some reasons to write a letter to an official are to voice your opinion,
request action on a matter,
  ask for information, or thank
or show discontent.
There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while composing the letter or the email.
1. Letters to elected officials ought to be written in a formal, respectful tone.
2. It should be short (not more than a page or 500 words) and include facts.
4. In the subject line or the opening paragraph of your letter, clearly state your subject.
3. You should address only one topic in a letter.
6. Avoid making personal remarks.
5. Do not forget to include your residential address.
The outline of the letter should be as follows:

-Personal experience related to the topic
-Respectful closing
The summary should include the reason for writing the letter.

The context is meant to give the person an idea about the issue's importance.
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