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PTE Concordance Report

What is the PTE concordance report? If this question is bugging you, check out this story.
You must be aware of various language testing exams, like IELTS, which is more popular than PTE. But confusion arises due to the difference in grading.
This results in questions like 'What does band 8 translate to in PTE score?' or 'Does PTE score of 76 correpond to IELTS band 7 or more?'.
So, to mitigate these problems of the candidates, PTE published the Concordance Report in 2011, which was updated in 2020.
It simplifies academic scores and standards for PTE and IELTS by comparing and contrasting the scores received by a single student on both tests.
It also helps the PTE organising body to regularly review and change its evaluation system to give test-takers the most accurate result on their exam.
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the industry benchmark for English language competency, is used to calibrate these scores (CEFR).
This study is intended for colleges, admissions committees, and other professional organisations that evaluate applicants using PTE results.
The PET concordance report is thus used by universities to adjust their language requirements for admissions.
As previously stated, this report was updated in 2020. Click on this link to learn more about these modifications.
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