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PTE Describe Image

Describe image is one of the engaging types in PTE. Check this story to know more.
The capacity to comprehend and convey knowledge visually is one of the most significant academic challenges that is tested in PTE.
This is what the PTE Describe Image evaluates through charts, graphs, tables and other images.
You will get 5-6 questions of this type in the exam.
You will be given 25 seconds to comprehend each question's visual & an extra 40 seconds to record your response, which will be the data shown in the image.
You can divide the answer into three parts, beginning with the title and critical information.
Follow it up with the initial point, the center and the result. Finally, summarize, predict, or explain the process in brief.
The key judging criteria for this question types are Content, Pronunciation and Oral Fluency.
Each of these criteria is scored on a scale of 0-5 based on the content that you present and the fluency that you have in the language.
As examples help you understand the question type better, you can click on the link to check out.
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