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pte introduce yourself

This story will provide info on the 'Introduce Yourself' section of PTE. So, check it out to know more.
The 'Introduce Yourself' section in PTE Speaking confuses many candidates as they are unsure of how to answer it.
Some even neglect it as they are aware that this portion is not to be scored and might be just an additional security check.
It is undeniably true that this audio is also utilized as the candidate's voice signature to prevent cheating on the PTE.
However, this is crucial to recognise that it is the ideal time for the applicant to frame their intro & prepare themselves for a favourable evaluation.
You will be required to give a brief introduction of yourself. In other words, you must mention your name and your place of origin.
You can also provide other details like the reason for taking the PTE, the country you are moving to, the grounds for your emigration, etc.
Only one recording of your responses is permitted, so be ready.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to delve deeper into PTE Introduce Yourself, click on this link.
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