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PTE Module Timings

In this story, you will get the details on PTE module timings. Look into the story for details.
Approved by The Graduate Management Admission Council, PTE Academic is one of the popular language test for those who are willing to move abroad.
Just like IELTS, PTE also comprises four modules - Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, but with different patterns and question types.
The Listening and Reading modules are split into two segments. However, the Speaking and Writing modules are combined into a single session.
The PTE exam is a computer-based test, and candidates have three hours to complete it.
Instead of a human grader, the exam is evaluated by a computer to reduce waiting times for candidates.
The duration for Module 1, which is the combined Speaking & Writing tests, is 77 to 93 minutes.
For the final module, which is Listening, the candidate gets 45 to 57 minutes to complete the test.
The PTE exam score can be booked up to 24 hours in advance and is typically ready in 5 business days.
To get more detailed information, like timings dedicated to each question types and validity, click on this link.
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