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Short Answer Questions in PTE

Short Answer questions are popular among students. Yet, to know about this type of PTE, check this story.
Short Answer questions is one of the question types in PTE Speaking.
10-12 questions are asked to each candidate.
You will be asked a short question to which you must respond in one or two words.
There is no need to answer in full sentences.
The microphone opens up after the question has been posed. Ten seconds will be given to you to record your reply.
There is no negative marking for these questions. So, there is no need to panic.
The topics covered range widely in general knowledge. To answer these questions, however, you don't need expert knowledge.
You can perform exceptionally well on the PTE's Answer Short Question type, which will raise your speaking scores. It makes them the easiest to attempt.
So, prepare well and if you need sample questions and more info, click on this link.
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