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Six steps to enhance your Opinion essays

Are you anxious about the IELTS opinion essays? Check out this story to learn some ways to master it.
An opinion essay's goal is to effectively state a viewpoint, frequently in response to a question.

It is how writers express their ideas and support those ideas.
The structure of the opinion essay:

 - Introduction
- Body Paragraphs (2-3)
- Conclusion
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Begin the writing process by brainstorming on the prompt given in the question.
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Then, based on the opinion you want to present, you also decide on the counterargument, both of which you have to present in the body paragraphs.
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Create the outline so that you can express your views in a balanced manner.
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Once you pen down the essay, always revise what you have written so far. It will help you rectify the errors, if any.
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Other than these steps, you should add relevant examples, keep track of the word limit and provide a well-balanced opinion essay within the time limit.
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