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Steps Of Preparing Template Responses in Writing Task 1

Readymade template responses will make Writing Task 1 effortless! Benefits of analyzing past questions, and preparing templates to describe different graph types.
Hey there! Let's talk about the steps of preparing template responses for Writing Task 1. This will help you save time and structure your writing.
First, analyze past Writing Task 1 questions and sample responses. Notice common language for describing graphs, charts, tables etc. Make a list of useful phrases.
Main Trend
Create a template for introducing the graph and stating its main trend. Do the same for concluding the overview paragraph. These standard intros and conclusions will help!
Save Time Coming Up With Phrasing
For example, having a standard template to introduce a bar chart means you don't have to think about how to phrase the opening sentence from scratch each time.
"The bar chart compares the number of tourists visiting Australia and New Zealand annually between 2000 and 2010."
Include Key Elements Consistently
Templates help you remember to cover the main features expected in your response. For a process line graph you can have a template paragraph describing the stages.
"The graph shows a 5 step process for assembling a bicycle, beginning with putting together the frame and ending with adding accessories like bells and baskets. Overall the process appears to be sequential, with each step relying on completion of the previous one."
Maintain Logical Flow
The templates make your writing structured and coherent. You can have set linking words and phrases to transition smoothly between analyzing different aspects of the graph.
"Turning to the figures for Europe, there is a sharp contrast in the trends. While visitor numbers for France rose steadily, those for Italy fluctuated, rising and falling multiple times during the period."
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