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Striking the Right Note: Formal vs Informal Words in IELTS

Do you feel overwhelmed to use the right choice of words for the IELTS exam and need an effective solution? Check this story till the end!
Being part of the IELTS journey for many aspirants all these years, we know that it is easy to get confused while using the appropriate words for IELTS Writing and Speaking.

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To lessen your exam anxiety, we have come up with the most effective solution😉!

So, for IELTS Writing, we're going full-on formal and academic mode–think polished language, and stick to all those grammar rules.
But when it comes to IELTS Speaking, we're dialing it down.

Just be yourself, throw in some everyday language, and chat like you're talking to a friend.

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Let’s explore some ways we can do that with ease😇!
IELTS Writing:
1. I reside in the neighboring area of the lake and I can assure you that it plays an important role in our lives.

2. I have decided to quit my position as I need to take a break for some personal reasons.
IELTS Speaking:
1. She lives close by and so we meet regularly to share the events of our lives..

2. I gave up this job to stay with my parents and take care of them during their time of need..
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